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Record for CD0000001000 (Aldolase)

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Citation information :

Use of this singular file should be acknowledged with the citation of its authors:

Lees, J.G., Wien, F., Miles, A.J. & Wallace, B.A., 2006 Bioinformatics A reference database for circular dichroism spectroscopy covering fold and secondary structure space 22 1955-1962

Use of any records obtained from the PCDDB should be acknowledged by citing the PCDDB :

Whitmore, L., Woollett, B., Miles, A.J., Klose, D.P., Janes, R.W. and Wallace, B.A., PCDDB: the protein circular dichroism data bank, a repository for circular dichroism spectral and metadata.
Nucleic Acids Research (2011) 39 D480-D486
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